Solution Partners


We at Robblee's Total Security strive to offer and install the most reliable security products on the market today.  This is a partial list of our valued partners and the solutions they offer. 



Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. They have a wide range of products to meet any intercom need.  From one door systems to video intercoms with door release, Aiphone offers solutions that work.



American Security Products Company (AMSEC) is the world's best-known provider of security safes and security solutions. Since 1948 we have protected the assets of our clients throughout the world by providing a broad array of safes and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness. Customers have trusted AMSEC safes for generations.



The ASSA ABLOY Group is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. With more than 100 companies operating in 40 countries, and a world market share of over 10 percent, ASSA ABLOY is the strongest global player in the industry.


Bosch Security

The premier leader in security solutions, Bosch Security Systems provides the products and services needed in today's demanding world.

Our expansive product portfolio offers a wide range of internationally approved intrusion and access systems, motion detectors and fire alarms as well as analog and digital video systems including CCTV systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors, video switchers and control systems, and digital recording systems. Powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems allow us to offer superior products that meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.



DKS Doorking, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest manufactures of access control and vehicular gate operator systems in the United States.  We provide products such as automated gate operators, telephone entry systems and vehicular gate access control systems.


DSX Access Systems

One of our Solution Partners is DSX Access Control.  They provide our clients a real time hardwired access management solution.  DSX offers symmetrical scalability. Grow your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 99 PCs on a Wide Area Network. This system can handle multiple card readers with the ability to manage them from your existing network.

WinDSX and WinDSX SQL combine the standard functionality you expect from DSX with many new features, more power and added flexibility. WinDSX includes Photo ID Badging, Guard Tour, Time and Attendance, Elevator Control, Key Tracking, Image Recall, DVR Integration, ASCII interfaces to Paging and CCTV Systems, and Hot Swap Redundant Comm Servers.



DVTel's product lines include network-based solutions that completely replace legacy products, including Digital Video Recorders, Video Switching Matrix Systems, and stand-alone Video Multiplexers and security networking products.


GE Security

The NetworX NX-8 is a full-featured security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection. The NX-8 is a flexible security system that is both easy to install and simple to use.



HySecurity operators meet the most stringent governmental, industrial, corporate and residential security and reliability requirements. They are installed at Baghdad International Airport, Fort Knox, The United Nations, numerous federal, state and municipal sites, nearly every oil company, water treatment plants nationwide, corrections facilities, transportation facilities, corporate campuses, power generation facilities, mini storages, gated communities and VIP residences.


Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand's high-function locks, exit devices, door closers and key systems perform reliable door control functions. These Level 1 solutions are the foundation of any access control system and are the first level of defense against unauthorized access.


KM Systems Inc.

KM offers a full line of ADA assisted door operators. The series 2000 Electro-Hydraulic swing door operators can be applied to any type of existing swing door application and are easily designed into new construction projects that require all types of traffic flow and automation demands.


Master Lock

Master Lock offers padlocks, combination locks and keyed locks to provide strength and security. Master Lock is committed to offering a broad selection of locks, padlocks, combination locks, keyed locks, cables and hasps to fit any lifestyle. We also provide master keying and customized security solutions for all business, industry and school applications.



When Medeco introduced our first lock 35 years ago, we revolutionized the industry, creating an entirely new category of high security locks.  When others tried to imitate us, our Medeco patent improved the lock with an unbeatable combination of pick resistance, physical strength, and key control. But it wouldn't be a Medeco lock if it didn't offer the highest possible level of protection against unauthorized key duplication.   It's virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission.  Only Medeco security professionals are authorized to copy your key, and only with your consent. Our new patent is your assurance that no one knows how to protect the integrity of your keys better than Medeco.


Now comes Medeco3  combining the best of Medeco with engineering innovations that take security to the next level.



Headquartered in Clovis, California, Pelco is not only one of the largest employers in Central California, but is also the world's largest video security equipment manufacturer.


Pelco has an extensive customer base, selling its more than 4,500 finished products through a network of dealers throughout the United States and in over 130 countries. With the company's products in more than 1 million locations worldwide, wherever you find video surveillance equipment the odds of it being a Pelco system are quite good, with the Statue of Liberty in New York being one of the most well recognized installations.


VCT Vision

VCT Vision was founded in 1999 by creating technologies that allowed video to be streamed and stored at extremely low bandwidths. VCT has focused on enabling new technologies for the growing market of Internet-enabled PDAs and cell phones which function at very low bandwidths. Additional integration work was completed that converges VCT's video technology with other security products, such as point-of-sale registers and transaction databases. The company remained primarily a research and development entity until 2004, at which time sales and marketing of its range of remote video surveillance products began in earnest.


Vicon Industries

Vicon is a world leader in the design, engineering and production of high quality video systems and equipment.  For over 30 years, Vicon products have been protecting and securing the most prestigious locations in more than forty countries the world over.