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Access Control Systems

The necessity of Card Access to manage your doors and gates in and around your facility is more important than ever. The common key is simply inadequate when any reasonable security management is required. Keys give access 24/7 and if a standard mechanical key is lost or an employee is terminated, then quite often many locks have to be re-keyed. This is not only inconvenient, but also costly if this has to be done on a regular basis. With card access systems, all of these problems are eliminated. A card can be limited to work during certain times and days of the week. These system assist you in mitigating your risk while giving you the management tools necessary to maintain accountability and security. 

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Thinking Outside the box

For too long, security systems have served to strictly meet primary physical security needs such as doors and gates. Going beyond the conventional understanding, users should be able to do more with their access control solution. Having a unified solution that can manage the cards, cameras, and alarm points are becoming more common.  Other examples include having audit trail card systems on server racks, medicine cabinets and display cases.               

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