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Retirement Community

Retirement and assisted living facilities require a specific design in their security.  These facilities need systems in place to keep out unwanted persons as well as keeping their residents safe.  From large to small facilities, Robblee's has the solution you need. Card access, Security cameras, delayed egress locks, protection of sensitive documents and records, securing medicine cabinets and protecting resident rooms are all things to consider when we design solutions for these facilities. 

Church and Worship

Robblee's specilizes in the design and implementation of security solutions for churches and other worship buildings. We understand the need for protecting the sensitive areas of churches. Having security cameras and audit ready card access is so important. We also understand the consideration of balancing need and budget and are thoughtful when designing solutions. 

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Other non profit organizations

Robblee's can assist you with creating a design solution for your security and working with your finance team to put in motion a budget for an appropriate security package.  Most non profit firms are in the business of helping the community with outr